Assessment of material and intangible assets


Financial statements aimed at providing customers with fair and accurate information about the financial position of the enterprise, the outcome of its activities, is a financial picture established by the financial condition of the enterprise and its economic operations standard carried out during the reporting period. The information provided in the financial statements gives its customers the opportunity to make the right decision. Accordingly, the correct presentation of articles in financial statements, such as tangible and intangible means, is important in the decision-making process. Therefore, it is important that material and intangible assets are assessed in accordance with the legislation, which will be ensured by our team auditors and appraisers.

Legislation in appraisal activities – In order to distinguish between an expert in auditing and evaluation, the Government of Georgia will draft a legislative act by December 31, 2018. Before its enactment:

  1. a) The Legal Entity of Public Law – the Unified National Body of Accreditation under the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia – Accreditation 26000000005001018170 Center Accreditation and Monitoring of Evaluator Certification Body in accordance with the rules and procedures adopted by the Accreditation Center;
  2. b) Members of the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), the accredited valuation certification bodies shall ensure availability of the Georgian version of the international standards of valuation;
  3. c) Only the person employed by the accredited assessment certification body as certified appraiser shall be entitled to render valuation services. The right to sign the assessment and assessment account / evaluation report shall be granted to the certified appraiser by the accredited assessment certification body;
  4. d) The certification body accredited by the accreditation center must ensure the quality of education, ethical standards and the quality of its activities in accordance with the certification scheme.
    Our team offers a comprehensive evaluation package that includes: for example, evaluation of tangible and intangible resources; evaluation of realized investment; valuation of financial assets.