Audit Service

The objective of the audit is to improve customer’s financial condition, attract liabilities (investors, credits), customer support and consultation.

Financial Reporting Audit includes both mandatory and initiative audits.

Our team is conducting audits in compliance with the requirements of international audit standards (IAG-International Auditing Guidelines). The audit result is an audit report, a document that has a legal force. Special importance is given to the fact that such examination is carried out and conclusions are issued by an independent person.

The auditing service of our company implies the development of various proposals and recommendations, which are directed towards correcting the deficiencies and inaccuracies revealed during the examination. Through consultations, it provides assistance for the management – in the areas of accounting, taxation and planning, and also provides recommendations for improving internal control systems.

As a result of independent audit inspections, the level of credibility of financial information increases.

As a result of audit inspection you will receive:

Independent auditor’s conclusion, in which we express professional opinion about whether financial statements are prepared in accordance with the relevant grounds ტaking into account all the essential aspects.

Detailed report, indicating the identified violations and shortcomings, among them: fraudulent facts and errors, any inaccuracy, which is essential for financial reporting.