Tax Service

1. Selection of the relevant status of economic activity for the taxpayer –

“Taxpayer” – a person who has to pay a taxpayer’s tax liability in the established case of the Tax Code of Georgia and in accordance with the established procedure. “Enterprise” – which carries out economic activities or is intended for the implementation of economic activities. Individual entrepreneur does not belong to the enterprise. (Georgian enterprise – foreign enterprise; international financial company; special trade company; special enterprise; free industrial zone enterprise; special trade zone; tourist enterprise; organizing the market; special taxation modes).

Our goal is to advise you to select the appropriate economic activity status of your business

2. Taxation – Special Tax Modes –

A taxpayer is obliged to perform certain obligations under the established rules and conditions of Tax Code of Georgia.

Income tax – A taxpayer is a resident natural person, Non-resident natural person who receives income from the source in Georgia. (Article 80 of the TCG) Tax rate 20% unless otherwise specified by this Code (Article 81 of the TCG). Private persons are exempt from taxes in accordance with the TCG. Our goal is to correctly determine the amount and benefits of taxable transactions.

According to the Tax Code of Georgia, the state offers special taxation regimes, such as: 1. Micro business status; 2. Small business status; 3. Fixed taxpayer status. We will consult you and correctly select a special tax regime for your business. Also, we will explain in detail their positive and negative sides in order to get the right decision as a result of correct information.
We will assist you in carrying out tax liabilities for special taxation regimes, such as preparation of initial documentation and submitting tax returns.

3. Tax audit –

According to the TCG, the limitation period for filing a tax request for tax assessments and tax liabilities for taxpayers is 3 years, unless otherwise provided by this Code.

The tax control of a person is carried out only by the tax authority, through current and tax audits of tax control types.

According to the TCG, your right is that tax control procedures do not violate the rhythm of activity and do not stop your activity within reasonable limits of tax control procedures.

We offer you to be your representatives in connection during all such tax control and inspection proceedings, such as: 1. Tax monitoring; 2. Inventory; 3. Cameral tax audit; 4. Field tax audit; 5. Emergency tax audit. 6. Post-checking of the goods.

We will be your representatives at all of the above-mentioned inspections, and we will assist you in preparing and submitting the requested documentation. Because the tax inspection act is drawn up as a result of the submission of information, which is the basis for appointing taxes, all the factual circumstances, evidence and argument which was essential in determining the tax liabilities for you as a taxpayer will be included in the above-mentioned tax audit act.

4. Declarations, accounting documentation –

Taxpayer is obliged to submit tax returns, calculations and accounting documents to the tax authority in accordance with the Georgian legislation. Reality of taxable objects and calculation of taxes is confirmed by tax declarations filed with tax authorities and other documents. Accordingly, the submitted declarations should reflect information accurately and fairly, ensuring that the taxpayer fulfills the obligations imposed on him. Tax declarations are the basis for accrual of all taxes and shall be filed in accordance with the TCG in accordance with the tax dates intended for him. Our goal is to simplify relations with the tax authority. Based on your records, we will prepare declarations for you that will be submitted, and check the accuracy of the declarations already submitted, and in case of inconsistency with the accounting documentation, we will submit our exchangeable adjusted declarations.

5. the overpaid amounts, tax agreement, preliminary decision –

1) According to the TCG, a taxpayer has the right to withdraw the overpayed amount in accordance with this Code, we will assist you in preparing and submitting all the necessary documentation for the procedures, which will help you recover the overpaid amount.

2) According to the TCG, a tax agreement can be made between the Revenue Service and the Taxpayer In order to reduce the taxpayer’s tax debt partially and/or for the purpose of reducing the fines and penalties which is administered by the tax administration. The taxpayer shall apply to the Revenue Service for the signing of a tax agreement Or an application with the accompanying materials shall be submitted to the Minister of Finance of Georgia for consideration at the meeting of the Government of Georgia. We offer you our representation and preparation of materials for the tax agreement.

3) The revenue service based on the request of the person has the right to issue a preliminary decision on the rules of tax reporting and/or tax liabilities to be fulfilled in accordance with the operations that will be implemented or are already implemented.

We will help you in the correct application of a preliminary decision  In order to make the decision positive for your economic activity.